Wind isn’t Rain or Shine?! EDC 2012

The Electric Daisy Carnival 2012 was a three day event from June 8th till June 10th at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Thousands of ravers from all over the world gathered to experience this 3-day music festival. EDC 2012 had 7 stages that constantly had different electronic/house/dubstep music DJ’s playing. There were also many carnival-style rides and carnival-style food, such as pizza and pretzels. There were free hydration stations where you could refill your water bottle for free and even free phone charging stations. Although the service out there hardly ever allowed anyone to use your their phones. There were many booths selling things also, from t-shirts, to alcohol, to fruit!

Each day EDC was supposed to be open from 7pm to 7am, or “dusk to dawn”, and it was said that “EDC would go on rain or shine”. Many ravers were surprised when they found out on that Saturday that “rain or shine” didn’t include wind. The wind picked up and stages that were hanging on giant cords began rocking. Soon after the DJ’s on these stages abruptly left the stage and left the crowd in confusion. Over a loud speaker, everyone was informed to back up from the stage “for their own safety”. Everyone pretty much freaked out and wondered if this would be like Final Destination. Once everyone began clearing that area, everyone was told to go to the bleachers. Can you imagine like 100,000 people all going to the bleachers? Just look at the photo above!

With this being said, I have to say, everyone handled it really well. I sat there for 2 hours before I gave up and went home (it was 3am anyway). But some stayed until the end, and were treated with one last performance. Oh, and everyone who had a Saturday ticket, could get in for free on Sunday since many DJ’s and performances were missed.

But back to the how everyone handled it, everyone was really calm and just talked amongst themselves. Many people who attend EDC are “ravers”, which basically means they go to raves, listen to electronic/house/dubstep music, and usually wear rave gear to raves. The outfits went from anything neon, to bras, to tutus, to pasties. Many people themed their outfits by colors or chose a character to dress like. Ravers also tend to have a lot of LED items on them, such as binkys and gloves, but some of these items weren’t allowed at EDC.

Being that this was my first rave,or “massive” which some people call a huge rave like this, I expected, well what I had heard. I pictured everyone to be kind of crazy and out of control. But they weren’t, and I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone I met were so nice and friendly and outgoing. They introduced me to what is many ravers’ motto, which is “P.L.U.R.”. P.L.U.R. stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Which describes these people perfectly. They have a handshake that they do that goes along with P.L.U.R., after which they give you one of their beaded bracelets, or as they call it, candy.

EDC is an experience like no other. Like they say at EDC, “It’s all about the experience”.

Check out my photos from EDC 2012 here!



4 thoughts on “Wind isn’t Rain or Shine?! EDC 2012

  1. Hey Azalee! I was at EDC too! There was so much traffic getting to the speedway that night that I didn’t get into the festival until 11 and when it shut down at 12:30 I was super bummed. I also sat my butt on the race track for almost three hours and didn’t leave until around 4 a.m. You got some really great pictures! I also think you did a good job explaining what a “rave” is for people who have never been. Good job 🙂

  2. Although I know people LOVE EDC, these photos scare me from attending. I feel like I would be crushed to death in a place like that. How do you draw the line between showing what really happened versus photos hender the promotion of an event?

  3. I was at EDC all three days… It was insane, and it definitely is an experience like no other. Everyone should go at least once in their lifetime. EDC was a sea of neon colors and tutus. I kept with the trend by wearing neon green, yellow, and pink all weekend! You were able to capture some cool shots of the stage areas.

  4. I commend all of you who like to go to massively crowded places. As pointed out by Rachel, the pictures are scary. I doubt that a little girl like me could survive. I must say though, that it looks really fun. Scary, but fun.

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