Vegas Pools!

It’s Summer time and in Vegas it shows! It’s already 90 degrees today and it’s not even noon yet! It could even get up to 108 this week so of course a great way to keep cool here is to go to one of the awesome pool parties at a hotel.


There’s a lot of pools to choose from while your in Vegas and it really depends what you’re looking for. The Mandalay Pool, The Hard Rock Pool, and the Mirage Las Vegas pools are three of the nicest ones here.


I just turned 21 in October so this is my first summer going out to any of these pools, since you have to be 21 for most of them. But I’ve been to The Hard Rock Pool on a Friday, so it wasn’t super crazy like it would be on Sunday for club Rehab, and it was beautiful! I love beaches and this pool has sand and palms trees, you feel like your at a beach! Afterwards, the girls I was with walked over to the Pink Taco, which is inside The Hard Rock Hotel. I was super yummy and you could still see the pool, which looks like a beach from where we were sitting! It was awesome! We felt like we were on a relaxing vacation in Mexico!


Now if you’e looking for more excitement than relaxation, you should go to an actual pool party. Like Rehab at The Hard Rock on Sunday, or Encore Beach Club, or even Bare at the Mirage which is always free for women and it’s a topless pool! I haven’t been to that one. Haha. But I have been to Encore Beach Club. I went for Memorial Day and Dead Mouse was playing! It was super packed but it was really fun. All of the water in the pool is at the level that you can stand so it really is a party in a pool!


Of course there’s tons of other really nice and really fun pools and Vegas so make sure you check others out too! But remember alcohol does dehydrate you, mixed with being in this heat, be sure to drink a lot of water and stay safe!

DeadMau5 at Encore Beach Club for Memorial Day 2012

One thought on “Vegas Pools!

  1. Your post really made me want to enjoy the sweltering heat in one the Vegas pools you mentioned! I really like how fun and lighthearted this post was. I especially liked that you wrote about the great pools you’ve personally attended.

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