Vegetarian in Vegas!

photo courtesy of stevendepolo

To many people vegetarian and vegan means nothing more than “they eat like rabbits.” Which isn’t true! So I made this podcast to explain the differences between vegetarians and vegans along with some of the benefits!

If you’re a vegetarian (not vegan) it’s pretty easy at restaurants to ask for anything just minus the meat. Pizza and pasta are really easy to do this with. Salad, vegetables, or fruit is also always an easy option. But here are some restaurants that cater to vegetarians who are craving “meat” or just want something different while in Vegas!

Capriottis is like a fancier version of Subway. The have a vegetarian turkey sandwich, a  cheeseburger, and a cheese steak sandwich.

Red Robin also has a vegetarian cheeseburger. But, unlike Capriottis, they are a sit-down restaurant, which is nice.

Going to a sushi restaurant can be difficult for a vegetarian, but Miko’s Izakaya Sushi & Japanese restaurant makes it a lot easier. They have a full vegetarian menu with 15 different sushi rolls along with salads, noodles, rice, and tofu.

If you’re looking for a fancier restaurant, PF Changs is a nice option for vegetarians. They have a symbol that easily points out the vegetarian options. These options include tofu, rice, and several vegetable options, including spring rolls and lettuce wraps.

If you’re craving chicken than Yardhouse  is the place to go! They have a Gardein menu which is a meat substitute that’s the closest thing to chicken I’ve found! They use it in pastas, sandwiches, and a lot of other options.

Finally, pizza. Like I said previously, pizza is pretty easy to alter into a vegetarian dish. But in my research I found out that California Pizza Kitchen’s thin crust pizza dough is vegan! A lot of their pastas are vegan too! They’re one of my favorite pizza places as it is, so I thought I’d mention it! (Besides the fact that sometimes for vegans it can be hard to find places to eat.)


If you’re grocery shopping, Whole Foods Market  probably has the most options when it comes to both vegans and vegetarians.


For more vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants ideas click here!


2 thoughts on “Vegetarian in Vegas!

  1. You’ve provided a lot of options for vegetarians and vegans – nice! I can’t listen to your podcast though for some reason. :/ For a while I wasn’t eating meat, but I never committed to going completely vegan. I don’t think I could do that.. Anyway, Whole Foods was one of my favorite places to shop and I do remember the Gardein menu at Yardhouse but I never tried it. Nice post!

  2. I love that you talked about being vegetarian in Vegas. People do get the wrong impressions of vegetarians and they think that all they eat is salads. That is completely not true. I decided to be a vegetarian for one month. I just wanted to prove to myself and my family that I would be able to do it. I did last and I actually enjoyed it. I felt a lot healthier and would eat fish a lot. I even tried some soy meat products and they weren’t all that bad. Putting a list of places to go is great. Vegetarians are sure to enjoy that. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to hear your podcast, it might of just been me though.

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