5 Fun Workouts in Vegas

Working out can be so *yawn* boring…like who wants to go walk on a treadmill while a meathead gawks at your booty? Bleh…women’s only areas in gyms help but sometimes you need to do something a little more fun! Here are five fun workouts to do in Vegas!

1. Bikram Yoga! I have a love hate relationship with hot yoga…it’s freakin HOT and I feel like I’m going to die the entire time. But the way I feel afterwards, both physically and mentally is so amazing that it make it completely worth it! Not to mention the detoxing benefits and it will definitely tone you up!


2. Polecat Fitness! Release your inner vixen! Who doesn’t want to try a pole dance class? I know I do! Grab a couple of your girlfriends and get ready to show off your moves…and learn a few new ones! 😉 Polecat Fitness has a bunch of other classes that will tone you right up (the fun way) including bikini bootcamp, aerial silks, aerial hoop, aerial hammock yoga and pilates! 


3. Surfset Las Vegas! A (real) beach is one of the few things Vegas doesn’t have…but that doesn’t mean that you can’t go surfing! At Surfset Las Vegas you can ride the waves on a “surfboard” in their studio! You know that’s got to burn some calories and tone you right up! Your first class is only $10! 


4. Shine Alternative Fitness! Dancing is one of the best ways to burn calories without feeling like you’re working out and this place has it all! Ballet, Salsa, Zumba and it has pole dancing, antigravity yoga, aerial silks, aerial hoops and even boxing! This is your one stop shop for a ton of alternative fitness options! 


5. Sky Zone Las Vegas! Be a kid and jump on a trampoline…or a giant one while a fitness instructor gets you sweating! Or you can do open jump and just let your spirit be free!


These are just a few of the unique workout places available in Vegas! Of course there are beautiful hiking grounds in Red Rock and plenty of parks to go on long walks. Always keep your eyes open for an opportunity to make working out fun! Enjoy your life, every minute of it! 

XoXo! Azi! 


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