Mama Mia at the Tropicana!

Photographed by Joan Marcus.
Photographed by Joan Marcus.

Mama Mia is back in Vegas and they’re at the Tropicana! I saw Mamma Mia several years back so I almost didn’t want to go. All I remember from the last time is a lot of singing of ABBA, a big wedding dress, and that it was in a pretty small auditorium with small tables.

This was SO much better than what I remembered. The auditorium was beautiful and much bigger, there were tables in the front but there were also booths that seated four and auditorium seating behind that. The show was cute, it was definitely more of a “girls show”. Everyone had beautiful voices and I loved that there was some comedy in the show with out being over the top. I loved that they really took the time to develop all of the main characters so you really felt like you knew them and came to love each of their unique personalities. This is a great show for a girls night and I would definitely recommend it!

For more information on this show or to purchase ticket click here! 


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