Stalking 101

Wonder if your new love interest is who they say they are? Not sure you can trust your babysitter but you’re not sure why? Thanks to the internet and the vast amount of public information you can get those answers. Here’s my tips to stalking…all from the comfort of your computer screen. Find out what you’ve been curious about or this might give you a reason to stop lying.


Stalking Tip #1

The obvious…social media sites. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Youtube, Hootsuite, LinkedIn.

I think this is where most people stalk…we’ve all heard the “I ended up on my boyfriends ex girlfriends cousins dogs page and I’m not sure how”.

-look at their pages
-look at the pages of people they’re tagged with and people who seem to be related (same last name/they’re listed on their family page on Facebook)
-utilize the search tool in these social media sites…and search their name (just because they didn’t approve a tag doesn’t mean they weren’t tagged–and there’s probably a reason they didn’t approve it.)
-search nicknames they use as well
-if they have a popular name you can search it along with someone elses name, maybe an ex girlfriend, or their job title…depends on what your concern is…

Stalking Tip #2

Search them on Google. This can be a great tool to lead to other searches.

Bam there is his video game name that he uses, now you can go back and search that.

To help with the Google search you might need to add extra words to find more stuff…try their name with places they’ve lived and where they live now, their job, any hobbies that they could be on a forum for…

You can search images on google too! This has never gotten me anywhere…but it potentially could if someone uses the same photo and has two (or more) different profiles…you’ll find them.

Stalking Tip #3

Public Records. They’re public, and in Nevada fairly easy to find.

Here you can search family records in Clark County.

Here you can search civil/criminal records in Clark County.

On both pages just use the drop down menu in “search by” click “party” and search whatever name you’re suspicious of. Or your own name if you’re curious!

Don’t forget to look at public records for other places they have lived too! You can easily find this for any state by searching (in Google) “public criminal records (city, state or county name)”. You might be able to leave out the word “criminal” in the search too, or use “civil” instead.

Been to their house or have their address? Google their address with their name. If they own the home it will pop up, along with if anyone else owns the home as well. (This is how I found out my ex was still married, yikes!) You can also search for their address on public assessor records. Click here for the Clark County assessor record search, you can search by their name or address.

Search their phone number too! Sometimes their name AND address will pop up. In certain professions, like Doctors, that phone number has a heck of a lot of information. Like their home address and their practice name and address. I was talking to a guy once whom I met online and all he would tell me is he is “a big time well known Doctor here in Vegas” searched his phone number, found his real name, Googled his name and found several reviews from his patients saying he is a total creeper and made several sexually inappropriate comments to them. BTW he was a GYN…gross! Glad I stalked him before ever going on a date with him!

Stalking Tip #4

Stalker Websites. There are several website made just for stalking.

You can sign up on Instant Checkmate if you want to do some serious stalking (but it will cost you). You can check out their website here. They basically do a background check on whoever you look up.

The Dirty…although this is a “gossip” page…if your new love interest has multiple posts and comments on here you might want to do some research. You can check out that website here.

Stalking Tip #5

Don’t let people know you stalked them…unless you’re actually friends with them and to warn them that someone is using their pics for catfishing or something. If you let them know you stalked them, it should be because you found something that’s not okay in your book, in which case that relationship is over anyway.

That’s all for now! Have fun ya creep.




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