Did you Fall off the NYR Wagon?

Have you fallen off the wagon? The New Years Resolution I’m going to lose X amount of pounds and be a health freak and NEVER drink or have a latte wagon is the one I’m referring to…the problem with diets is once you “mess up” you’re like oh well might as well eat this whole bag of Cheetos or order dessert while I’m at it. But you don’t have to wait till Monday or the first of the month or a new year to make good choices! So you had a few too many at dinner or couldn’t resist that cake…forgive yourself and move on. Make your next choice a healthy one! Stop punishing yourself for not following a diet perfectly or for anything really. FORGIVE YOURSELF! If you can forgive your loser ex I think that bag of M&M’s can slide for real…SO that’s why I’m focusing on things to ADD to your diet or to your life instead of things to get rid of! Once you start adding these things you’ll want the bad things less and less because they’ll actually start making you FEEL GOOD! Crazy right? Trust me I’m the Yoyo diet queen and I’m even telling you to stop it! Haha So here are my “adds” with the amazing benefits they have for you!

  1. Glowing Green Smoothie

    This is Kimberly Snyder’s recipe, she’s a nutritionist for a ton of celebrities and I LOVE her. I make her low sugar version which is basically the same but I leave out the pear and banana and add liquid Stevia instead. I add a few more things…but those are all below and I’ll talk about them individually. I haven’t been consistent with this yet…but that’s the goal…to have this for breakfast every day or, at least, most days. What are the benefits? (PS – I’m stealing all of this information from her books)
    -Spinach: Youthful Skin
    +Beta-carotene = Converts to Vitamin A (anti-aging)
    +Lipoic Acid = Helps oxidant vitamin C and E regenerate (maintain                                        youthful skin)
    +Phytonutrients = Powerful antioxidants protections against free radicals
    +Non-heme Iron = Carries oxygen to all blood cells and makes you glow
    -Apples: Weight Loss and Improved Eyesite
    +Pectin = Lowers cholesterol and stabilizes blood sugar levels
    +Insolubale Fiber = Cleanse your colon (clean blood and improved eyes)
    +Insolubale Fiber = Very Filling (Control weight and calorie intake)
    -Celery: Flush out extra body fluids,  anti-inflammatory, calming, detoxifier
    +Balanced Potassium and Sodium = Flush out extra body fluids, reducing                            puffiness
    +Alkaline Minerals = Helps lower blood pressure, relaxes muscles, Calming
    +Natural Laxative = Detox
    -Romaine Lettuce: Antioxidants (Keep your body moving)
    +Antixodiants = Rid the body of free radicals
    +Fiber + Vitamins = Keeps cholesterol from oxidizing
    +Folate + Potassium = Regulate blood pressure

    Kim Snyder’s quote on the GGS being a long-term fat-burner:
    “It is an amazing long-term fat-burner because it combines fresh fruits and vegetables with a bevy of fiber, phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes that help flush out the pollutants and toxins stored in your fat cells. The large amounts of greens you’re getting in this one smoothie are blended, so they’re easy to for your body to absorb. You can get more greens with this one smoothie than several salads put together (and without having to use any dressing), and this smoothie is incredibly alkalizing.”

  2. Matcha Green TeaProtein-Green-Tea-Matcha-Smoothie-BODYBUILDING-DIET-TIPS1

    What are the benefits?
    -cancer preventer
    -lowers bad cholesterol
    -weight loss
    “A 1999 study featured in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrated that green tea extract rich in catechins has thermogenic properties and promotes fat oxidation beyond that explained by the tea’s caffeine content.It was found that consuming green tea increased thermogenesis (the body’s rate of burning calories) from 8-10% to 35-43% of daily energy expenditure. Another study demonstrated that exercising immediately after drinking matcha green tea resulted in 25% more fat burning during exercise.”
    -mind empower

  3. Marine Phytoplankton

    What are the benefits?
    -weight loss
    -boosts immune system
    -enhanced brain function
    -improved cellular repair
    -Antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects
    -Improved cardiovascular system
    -Allergy relief

  4. B12 Shots (Lipo Version)

    There are several different versions of this.
    -Weight loss
    -Help change carbs into energy (instead of storing them as fat)
    -Hair growth and nail strength
    -Disease prevention

  5. Maca

    I add this to my GGS!
    What are the benefits?
    -Sexual function
    -Women’s health and mood
    -General Health
    -Mood balance

  6. Spirulina

    I add this to my GGS!
    What are the benefits?
    -High in protein
    -B Vitamins
    -Lowers bad cholesterol
    -Anti-cancer properties
    -May reduce blood pressure
    -Improves symptoms of allergies
    -May be effective against anemia
    -Muscle strength and endurance may improve
    -Blood sugar control

  7. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

    I just drink a tablespoon of this in the morning 😉
    What are the benefits?
    -Weight Loss
    -Heart health
    -Strong Digestive Aid
    -Antiviral, Antibacterial, Antifungal
    -Promotes the growth of Probiotics
    -May help alleviate sugar cravings
    -Lowers blood sugar levels
    -May help prevent cancer

  8. Stevia

    -Not because Stevia has amazing benefits but because the alternatives are so terrible for you. Of course regular sugar can cause weight gain and health issues. But did you know other sweeteners, like Equal and Sweet and Low slow your metabolism causing you to gain weight and can cause cellulite? No thank you!

  9. Work Out!

    What are the benefits?
    -Helps you sleep better
    -Slows the aging process and helps prevent premature death
    -Builds and maintains healthy bones, joints, and muscles
    -Strengthen and boosts your immune system
    -Improves mental acuity
    -Add makes you look good!!!

  10. Meditate, Yoga, Be a positive person!Yoga Infograph

    What are the benefits of yoga?
    -Improves your flexibility
    -Builds muscle strength
    -Perfects your posture
    -Prevents cartilage and joint break down
    -Protects your spine
    -Betters your bone health
    -Increases your blood flow
    -Drains your lymph and boosts immune
    -Drops your blood pressure
    -Ups your heart rate
    -Regulates your adrenal glands
    -Makes you happier
    -Founds a healthier lifestyle
    -Lowers blood sugar
    -Relaxes your system
    -Improves your balance
    -Maintains your nervous system
    -Releases tension in your limbs
    -Helps you sleep deeper
    -Boosts your immune system
    -Helps your lungs
    -Prevents digestive problems
    -Gives you peace of mind
    -Increases your self-esteem
    -Gives you inner strength
    -Helps keep you drug-free
    -Helps build relationships
    -Soothe your sinuses
    -Helps allergies
    -Keeps viruses at bay
    -Helps you serve others
    -Encourages self-care
    -Supports your connective tissue

  11. WATER!

    I’m attempting the gallon a day challenge…have you seen those chicks results? Amazing!
    What are the benefits?
    -Digest all those nutrients!
    -Regulate body temperature
    -Calorie control…the more you drink the fuller you feel…and less you eat
    -Fuels muscles
    -Kidney function
    -Productivity boost
    -Improved Digestion
    -Fights sickness
    -Brain boost
    -Pain prevention
    -Clearer skin

  12. Chia Seeds

    I add these to my GGS!
    What are the benefits?
    -Help you stay full for hours
    -Increase stamina and endurance
    -Strengthening and toning nutrients
    -Help balance blood sugar levels
    -Keep your energy steady for hours
    -Help replace amino acids after a workout

  13. Do something you enjoy that makes you happy!

    -Make yourself a priority! Afterall happy=healthy

  14. Spend time with your family & friends!

    -This will add to your happiness and health of course!

  15. Do something nice for someone else!

    -This will actually make YOU happy too!

    That’s all my tips of things to add for a healthier (skinnier) you! Do a couple or do all of them, you’ll be sure to see and feel the difference!


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